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Movie • Film • Studio District Jobs in Toronto.
Production. Movie Sets. Casting. Extras.

Studio District

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TV, Fashion, Media, New Media, Digital Media Jobs in Toronto - Posted HOURLY @

Film Jobs, Work, Careers & Employment in Toronto - Posted HOURLY @

Casting Call Services ! 2014/FEB
? DAILY Toronto Casting Auditions. More auditions & castings than all other sites combined.
Modeling. Acting. Models. Actors. Become a Model. Casting Calls. Auditions.

Headhunters Casting
Headhunters Casting ! 2014/FEB
? Casting Calls for Casting Directors, Independent Film Makers, Musicians, Artists, and Moms.
Bg4Hire | Background For Hire ! 2014/FEB
? 24/7 Login Access for the casting community to communicate with talent agents
to search, find and book background performer, film extras, movie extras
to work in feature films, music videos, television movies, TV commercials
as well as other productions that require background talent.

Jules Casting

Jules Casting ! 2014/FEB
? "Casting Director for Host Searches, Reality Shows, Commercials ... you name it"
Casting Open Calls

SMS Concepts Ltd

SMS Concepts Ltd ! 2014/FEB
? "Specializing in Lifestyle, Realty and Factual Entertainment Television Series"
Casting * Hosts * Experts * Real People

BCAST Agency ! 2014/FEB
? TV & Film Extras Agency. SportCast - Sports Division for athletes on set.

@ Mississauga, Ontario

Jigsaw Casting ! 2014/FEB

Liaison of Independent Filmakers of Toronto LIFT ! 2014/FEB
? "Cast and Crew Listing Subscriptions. Annual Subscription Fee. Receive weekly e-Bulletin"

Larissa Mair Casting & Associates Inc ! 2014/FEB
? "Casting Film, Television and Theatre"
@ Toronto, Ontario

Equity e-Drive • Canadian Actors' Equity Association ! 2014/FEB
? "e-Drive is Equity's electronic subscription mailing list for Auditions, Job Opportunities, Call for Submissions, workshops and ticket digest announcements. Non-members are free to subscribe" || Theatre Auditions by E-mail || Performers. Actors. Singers. Dancers. Directors. Choreographers. Fight Directors. Stage Managers. Theatre. Opera. Dance ! 2014/FEB
? Modelling Acting Auditions & Casting Calls ! 2014/FEB ! 2014/FEB ! 2014/FEB ! 2014/FEB
? "Commercial Auditions. Commercial Casting. Dance Auditions. Film Auditions.
Music Auditions. Music Video Auditions. Open Auditions. Open Call Auditions.
Television Auditions. Theatre Auditions. TV Show Auditions. Upcoming Auditions"

Toronto Show Biz / Auditions - NOW Magazine ! 2014/FEB
? Posted DAILY

Star Now | Casting Calls - Canada ! 2014/FEB
? "Get Discovered. Actors, Models, and Musicians Wanted. All ages and looks. No experience required || Auditions & Jobs - Submit Your Application Online: Actors & Extras Wanted. Dancers Wanted. Film & Stage Crew Wanted. Hair, Makeup & Stylists Wanted. Magazines / Newspapers. Models Wanted. Photographers. TV & Reality || Talent Directory: Actors & Extras. Dancers. Models. Musicians. Photographers || Featured Auditions & Jobs"

Casting Calls > Actors Wanted > Auditions & Jobs > Actors & Extras

Agencies | Entertainers | Events & Promotions | Feature Films | Music Videos
Presenters | Short Films | Theatre & Musicals | TV Commercials | TV Series
Voiceover & Radio | Web | Other ! 2014/FEB
Casting Workbook Services Inc
? "Audition & Casting Notices - Membership Fee"
Communication system designed to allow the transfer
of actor portfolio materials (photos, resume, audio and demo reels)
between the Talent Agency, Casting Director and Engager and Production Team.


Toronto Film Extras   ! 2014/FEB

Susan J Talent - Shine Talent ? "Movie Extra Division" ! 2014/FEB

Productions Now Filming
& Productions About To Film

Productions Currently Filming in Toronto (.pdf) • Economic Development & Culture
? The Productions Currently Filming List Provides Filming Dates, Directors and Key Cast and More About Film and Television Productions Being Shot in Toronto ! 2014/FEB

Features | MOWS / TV Specials | TV Series

Project Title | Shooting Dates | Company | Producers | Directors
Key Cast | PM / Co-Ordinator | LM(s) / ALM(s) | Phone / Fax

OMDC - Film & TV - In Production  (Online Version)  (.pdf Printable Version) ! 2014/FEB
? "Every Two Weeks, a Published Listing of Productions Shooting or About to Shoot Around Ontario"

Legend: Prod = Producer. Exec Prod = Executive Producer. Dir = Director.
PM = Production Manager. PC = Production Coordinator.

ACTRA Toronto > Performers > What's Shooting > CALENDAR ! 2014/FEB
? "TV Series, Specials and Pilots. Features, Films, Movies of the Week, TV Miniseries New Media. Animation"

Film Schools • Education

Etobicoke School of the Arts | ESA ? Visual Arts. Dance. Drama. Film. Music. Music Theatre ! 2014/FEB

School of Media Studies & Information Technology | Humber ? Journalism. Broadcasting. Film & Television Production. Videography. Radio. Media Communications. Television Writing & Producing ! 2014/FEB

Sheridan Insititute of Technology and Advanced Learning ! 2014/FEB

Sirt Centre | Screen Industries Research and Training Centre ! 2014/FEB

Toronto Film School ! 2014/FEB

Toronto Film College ? The Film Promotion & Distribution Program. The Film Arts & Production Diploma ! 2014/FEB

Trebas Institute | Film Television Production ? Toronto Film, Audio Engineering and Entertainment Management School ! 2014/FEB

Computer Animation Studios of Ontario | CASO ! 2014/FEB

Industry Resources ! 2014/FEB
Ontario Media Development Corporation
The provincial film commission office will assist with locations,
labour, and government relations, funding and tax credits. ! 2014/FEB
Ontario Media Development Corporation
Online Research Library

Ontario Production Guide ! 2014/FEB
Ontario Media Development Corporation
Listing of unions, guilds, studio facilities, suppliers, etc, available in Ontario.
Ontario based businesses and organizations that provide services to the Film,
Television and Commercial production industry. Lists talent, agencies, crews,
location support, labs and services.

Download the Ontario Production Guide by section:

  (.pdf) Documents

All Sections

Introduction (.pdf)
Government (.pdf)
Labour and Performers (.pdf)
Studios and Warehouses (.pdf)
Location Services (.pdf)
Equipment (.pdf)
Post, VFX and Animation (.pdf)
Support Services (.pdf)
Transportation (.pdf)
Travel, Accommodations and Personal Services (.pdf)
Ontario Production Guide Listings and Revisions Form (.pdf)

CanadianActor Online ! 2014/FEB
CanadianActor Online
Comprehensive online resource for actors
Actor information, education & resources ! 2014/FEB
Playback Magazine
Careers (Industry Classifieds) ! 2014/FEB
Mandy's International Film and Television Production Directory
Database of film and television producers, technicians and facilities. ! 2014/FEB
Entertainment industry links organized into hundreds of categories. ! 2014/FEB
AMIS Acting Modelling Information Service
Publishers of The Agents Book. ! 2014/FEB
ACTRA union site

Theatre Ontario ! 2014/FEB
Theatre Ontario ! 2014/FEB
Toronto Association of Acting Studios
Studios and places to study. ! 2014/FEB
Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) ! 2014/FEB
Commercial Production Association of Toronto (CPAT)
"The most comprehensive source for the Toronto television commmercial production industry" ! 2014/FEB
Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) ! 2014/FEB
Documentary Organization of Canada ! 2014/FEB
Film Ontario ! 2014/FEB
National Screen Institute ! 2014/FEB
Writer's Guild of Canada ! 2014/FEB
Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

NABET ! 2014/FEB
Toronto Film & Video Technicians ! 2014/FEB
IATSE Local 411
Production Coordinators, Assistant Coordinators, Production Secretaries,
Craft Service Providers, and Honey Wagon Operators ! 2014/FEB
IATSE Local 667
International Cinematographers Guild ! 2014/FEB
IATSE Local 873
Motion Picture Technicians

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