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Same Day Pay Agencies


Labor Ready

Labour Ready Inc
over 600 branches worldwide

Apply Now | Labor Ready

195 Church Street, Main Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1Y7
(416) 304-1220

2105 Midland Avenue, Unit 1, Scarborough, Ontario, M1P 3E3
(416) 754-4437

3850 Steeles Avenue West, Unit 7, Vaughan, Ontario, L4L 4Y6
(905) 850-2444

5132 Dundas Street West, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9A 1C2
(416) 253-4434

265 Enfield Place, Unit 200, Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 3Y7
(905) 206-9442

30A Kennedy Road South, Unit 3, Brampton, Ontario, L6W 3E2
(905) 459-2666


"Construction. Warehouse. Manufacturing"

Last Updated: 2014/FEB


Labour Unlimited

Labour Unlimited
13 branches nationwide

Apply Now | Labour Unlimited

3200 Steeles Avenue West, Unit 7, Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 3B8
(905) 738-7265

158 Kennedy Road South, Unit 1, Brampton, Ontario, L6W 3G7
(905) 456-6400


"Construction - Carpenters, Carpenters Helpers, Welding, Site Clean Up,
Cement Finishers / Placers, Construction Safety Officers, Snow Removal,
Equipment Operator Flaggers, Labourers, Landscapers, Restoration Workers"

"Warehouse - Equipment Operators, Inventory Counters, Order Picking,
Packers, Sorters, Load-Unload, Swampers, Forklift Operators"

"Light Industrial - Assembly Line Workers, Food Processing, Packaging,
Recycling, Special Events, Waste Management, Fabrication"

Last Updated: 2014/FEB


Handyman Personnel

Handyman Personnel

203 Rochester Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 7M5
(613) 232-1579


"Providing Temporary Industrial Personnel"

"Movers. Drivers. Labourers. Lumpers. Tradesmen"

Industrial Personnel - Construction, Certified Traffic Controllers,
Warehouse, Lumpers, Movers, Maintenance, Roofers, Landscapers.

Last Updated: 2014/FEB ^

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ContractJobHunter | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

 Mechanical Turk Mechanical Turk created by has Over 200,000 tasks available DAILY.
View examples of today's Mechanical Turk tasks Mechanical Turk | Working on HITs | Labor On Demand ? How to translate what you need done into micro tasks for crowdsourcing.

CrowdConf [videos]. About Crowdsourcing versus Outsourcing [videos]. ? How to Give Work to Other People.

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Seasonal Jobs - Holiday Jobs - Events - Event Planner

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Security Guard - House Sitter - Cottage Sitter - Pet Sitter -
Consierge -

Teams / Task Management

Be strategic in what you do in each hour.

Set up teams to leverage time to get paid more and more often.

Any task you can imagine can be distributed to any number of people.

What projects and ideas do you want to do. Start with teams.

There are task management websites that are all-in-one
platforms that make doing tasks in great volume possible.

Tasks are from simple one step jobs (micro tasks) ...
 Categorize data. Judge results. Find information. Translate.
 Search a term then record the results. Verify data. Tag images.
 Transcribe audio. Review and grade transcription. Compare items.
... To complex skilled jobs and projects and more.

Tasks and projects completed DAILY by your teams - means paid from that amount
of DAILY work flow and DAILY cash flow versus paid from hour to hour work
with no teams.

That's leveraging your time ::: (ROIT) Return On Invested Time
 and getting you paid more.

Setting up teams and using platform websites for "Task Management"
is how you can get paid for large volumes of work
and TEAM COORDINATORS to automate.

Jobs are posted on classifieds websites. And hidden unadvertised jobs
are available DAILY from thousands of Employment Agencies.

And then there are special types of platform websites
with ready communities already specialized to your needs
- to post and view tasks, freelance jobs, projects, contract work, and more.

Platform websites give you communities, people and tools to easily find work
and to manage & coordinate your own work teams - for ideas YOU want to do.

Platform websites make work and teams to do that work - easily available.

View Work 24/7. Post Available Work 24/7. Create Your Own 24/7 Economy.

Complete micro tasks, skilled work, full projects and more and get paid from an always available automated work flow.

Automate tasks, contract work, freelance jobs, and projects to other people and get paid more.

Set up teams of MANAGERS to set up TEAMS for you. Then manage, and coordinate your teams yourself
or DELEGATE management tasks to TEAM MANAGERS to manage and coordinate your teams - and manage your team managers.

Broker. Agency. Some work projects can be assigned, some not.

Ask permission every time - from each different project provider
- whether tasks or work can be assigned.

The project provider will then specify what is required
to qualify your team members for individual tasks.

Platform Websites have strict terms of service rules about who is permitted to do the work. READ THE TERMS.

Each worker must be individually declared.

Workers, management, the company, the assigning company
- - sometimes must be located only in certain countries.

Each worker is individually required to meet qualification tests
for each different task. Assign tasks only if permitted under terms.
Manage only if permitted. Never take fees against terms of use.

Team Managers 1) COLLECT the work 2) GIVE the work to your teams 3) SUBMIT the completed work from the teams

Project Management for Others: Companies that need real world tasks done.
Project Management for You: Tasks, projects, ideas of your own that your team managers can post for your teams.

Any task that you can give to others can be posted on platform websites for you or your team managers to manage. Any scale - - from a post to a project.

Use already available services to create, design, format and post your posts for you, to do tasks and projects for you. If you are doing everything - - you are doing a job. Work on your business not in your business. Automate your process. Document each step that needs to be completed so that those steps can be given to other people. Figure out how you can delegate everything that can be delegated - - do not try to figure out how you yourself can do everything better and more efficient - - otherwide it is a job. Figure out how you can delegate everything better. Figure out how you can be more efficient using other people. Think of steps as being done at a company scale not at an individual proprietor level. How can my team do this better versus how can I myself do this better. The more you can delegate, the more time you have to do what you really want to do. Use project management platform websites or project management services that make the delegation of tasks easy to do. Project management websites. Project management services.

Crowd Sourcing.

And then there is Crowd Sourcing to scale more than even traditional Project Management. Crowd Sourcing is an entirely different kind of task management / project management. Tasks put into crowd source channels is an entirely different process flow scale.

A task or project posted to a project management website -

A task or project posted to a crowd sourcing website -

A task or project posted to a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) website -

Leverage. Create, but allow yourself to delegate the mechanics of leveraging what you create into other formats to get scale and volume. Automate the leveraging processes to other people. Platform websites provide already available communities to do this. are some to give you the concept but each industry - engineering - finance - medical - has their own and you will like some better than others for your own reasons. Be Strategic. Leverage and Delegate.

How can you pay for teams. What other people and businesses do you know who as much need teams in their strategy.

Platform websites make project management with large teams easier.
Managing Teams makes it possible to Coordinate, Manage, Do,
and get paid for that many more Tasks than possible with yourself only.

Focus on setting up teams, team managers, and managers to manage team managers
- - to do work for you - - and get the results of teams.

Document Once in a series of Email, posts, pdf documents, or videos - How you want people to work in your teams
and have one more part of your income automated.

At home jobs.

Need even easier ways to AUTOMATE? Curate. Refer people to the how to posts already created by other people. Then piece them together how you want your things done. Create a series of curated posts versus creating your own posts from scratch. You do not need to re-invent if someone has already explained it perfectly in their video / post. Cite your sources. is by far one of the most popular marketplaces for easily affordable Freelance Services starting at $5 per task / micro project to help make what you create - - professional.

Affiliates / Partners / Teams / JV

Be an Affiliate. Create an Affiliate Program. Or use affiliate programs already created. Use the services of an affiliate manager. Do strategic JV. Create Teams. Plugin to affiliate products, affiliate networks and JV programs already set up to pay you. Promote the affiliate products of other people (Example: Always work to create your own affiliate products for more profit to you but affiliate, partner or JV (joint venture) with the products of other people until you do have your own products. Your own products is more work but pays more long term - evergreen products - once created. Get paid more by creating your own affiliate products. Create an affiliate page and/or JV page on your own website. Publish your own affiliate products inside affilate networks to have ready teams promote your products automatically or JV promotions.

What are affiliates. Think of affiliates as marketing for products and services. Affiliates get word around. Entire support communities already exist to support the needs of affiliates.

Set up teams of people to create your products and product funnels and their products faster. Efficiency is from the specialized tasks and projects of each person.

No experience required if you JV with experts and managers who have the experience. Find people who have the skills to create the products you want to create and who have the know how to make the products you want to work into affiliate products. JV with people who have already created affiliate products related to the products you want to create to share work capacity. The related products can then be packaged as a more complete product set.

Give your teams the trainings provided by people who have already created affiliate product trainings but manage your teams to your own needs. Set up your trainings as a program - - an affiliate program - - so that you are not doing - - a new training every day. A program can be accessed at any time at any learning speed in all medium and learning formats. Create trainings that can be archived and accessed. This is creating a community that others can belong to. Regardless of whether you are doing person to person trainings or trainings to an entire group - - or one time topic trainings - - create all trainings in a way that benefits your entire community - - or an entire community. Create all trainings in a way that also directs your trainings or messages your trainings to also those not part of the immediate group.

The Art of Public Speaking - Dale Carnegie - Part 1 of 2

The Art of Public Speaking - Dale Carnegie - Part 2 of 2

Stand and Deliver - The Dale Carnegie Method of Public Speaking   Recommended

Have your messaging speak to everyone not just an individual - - but do it in a way as if you are speaking to your "IDEAL" individual - - your highly focused or general but well defined target market individual. This aspect of "talk as if you are talking to an individual" but message as if you are messaging to the community - is about connection to your audience. How do you connect to your audience. Talk as if you are talking to an individual. When you want to get something done - and you need help to get it done (TRAINING YOUR WORKFORCE) - and you need other people to help you - you need to connect to the people you are training or educating or partnering - - or such and such - - with. To be more effective with most anything you need help with. To get things done more effectively. KNOWING HOW TO SPEAK and connect with your audience is just one of those critical skillsets you just need to say - - Okay, I really need to know how to do this. If you are standing in a room and speaking to five hundred people - - create in your mind one ideal individual - - who are you most trying to talk to - - and have a conversation with that one ideal individual. And then your speaking will connect to the entire of your audience because the individual among the many will believe you are speaking directly to them. Hi, How are you doing :D See, it works. Celebrities and speakers and experts in part use this methodology, if not subconsciously. People "aware" of your brand versus people who are "advocates" of your brand. For those who follow celebrities - - this is some of what - - makes them believe the celebrity is talking directly to them.

Message trainings by directing your messaging also to everyone not just the individual you are talking to. Frame your messages in such a way that they speak to the community - - as case study marketing - - as Co-Branding - - as a webinar speaks to everyone in the WEBINAR REPLAYS / GOOGLE HANGOUTS REPLAYS - - not just those attending the live webinar, live event, or reading daily or weekly or monthly article posts, or reading real time posts as twitter or facebook or text message or google+ status updates. Talk to the individual - your ideal individual - but speak to the community as a whole. Convey the messages of the industry, not just the messages of your own business. Be seen as an industry expert, and be trusted for products in that industry, including your own specialized products. Speak to the issues of the community. Issues in common with the community. Relate how individual situations relate to the whole. How is each individual case study a timeless example in common with the issues of the community. When creating a video, when creating a piece of writing - try to make aspects of it TIMELESS. Keep in mind that your writings and videos will be read and watched at some time in the great distant future - - such as next week, next month, in years time, in replays, in re-posts, in other formats such as an article you later include in a book, or later recall or use as a case study or example. Format or record or document - - articles, posts, reports, white papers, video productions, audios, books - - any one time trainings so that they benefit all your affiliates and all your JV partners and all future clients - - and even your competitors to better the industry as a whole - - all at once. Create everything so that you can scale what you are doing. Make everything AUTOMATABLE. "Excellence in the present makes for historical and archival significance, and future reference and utility in unknowable and incalculable measure." Excellence - Part 1 Excellence - Part 2

Create training videos, audio, login required wordpress pages (if you need private training), pre-loaded email autoresponder articles, or pdf manuals - and more - ONCE - and be automated. Start with one format - a list on a piece of paper - a powerpoint - a youtube video - then reformat that same content to all other formats. If you have content that is in one format only then you are not maximizing that same content to people who prefer their content in other formats. Use experts or creative agencies to reformat your content. Use content syndication services such as iTunes. Content leverage.

Thousands of hours of affiliate product training is available on to give to your teams. After setting up one team, set up many more. Use affiliate managers to manage your affiliates. Each person in your team has different skills to help the team uniquely.

In doing - translating your own unique skills / interests / expertise into product funnels - create your own real business - versus any pure duplicating of affilate content that already appears in many places on the internet. Be - Your own website - Your own voice. Connect into affiliate products - but be yourself a unique destination. Most important is to create from - your passions - your interests - doing what you love - so work does not feel like work. Include somehow - what you really want to do - your why - your purpose.

How to set up teams to automate everything.

Who will want to JV (joint venture / partner / team) with you? People already doing what you are doing will want to JV to do more of what they are doing. JV with 5 companies or individuals a week or a month and have several income streams. Set up teams to do this for you. Set up dozens or hundreds of teams and have your income automated. Use managers you train to your needs to set these teams up for you automatically. Use managers to then train other managers.

How To Build a Team

How To Build A Team

How to Password Protect a WordPress Page

Top 10 Membership Models Membership Sites and Landing Pages

How you package a product to be marketed by other people makes ANY product an affiliate product. Affiliate products include the permission you need to promote the products of other people called Rights - Master Resale Rights, Private Label Rights, Public Domain, Outsourcing, JV, Affiliate Networks. Marketing the affiliate products of other people is one way to make quick cash. Digital products means all that more easily a product can be distributed from anywhere at any time. Real world affiliate products - joint ventures - partnerships - options - means you are not depending only on digital products. Match products of one company that complement products of another company to create a package of products. Re-purpose products. A quick search on google of affiliate products and affiliate networks will give you an endless supply of THOUSANDS of products to work with. Work as much or as little as you like to package products into affiliate products. Every added hour of work you do to automate your work into self running systems will slowly increase your result numbers automatically without work. Giving a list of tasks to a manager to coordinate the tasks automates that list of tasks to another person. Doing tasks should not have YOU in the centre doing all the tasks. The more it is you doing everything and the more your business is dependent on your own activities, is the more you will limit success. Delegate to others. Work with other people to get more things done. First create the list of tasks required to complete a project. Use project lists already created for you. There are endless experts who have documented their success, tested methods, action plans, tactics for you to follow. Write down lists of steps of what you need done, what resources you need to market each product. Create your own training program to give your own helpers and put things on automatic. Piece together the ready made trainings of other people as your own training package. has endless training videos for THOUSANDS of affiliate products and programs. Include the links of the professional trainings you find on in your own trainings until you can make your own trainings customized to your own interests, product funnels and storyboard. Use the products of other people under license agreement terms - master resale rights, private label rights, public domain, affiliate networks - until you have created your own products. Set up a few of your own affiliate product funnels to learn the process by doing the process. And then train other people to train other people for you - what you have now learned by your own doing. Squeeze pages are product funnels. Your results will multiply if you train other people to do what you already know how to do. Your focus should be to work on your business not in your business. Your helpers work in your business. Training your helpers is working on your business. Focus only on training people to train other people and you will have the larger results of having trained more people instead of the singular results of doing all of the work yourself. What is important to know is that you set things up once and you are done. Using technologies such as autoresponders to automate your training will help make your automation more effective with pre-loaded sequences of email. The customer support and the product updating is done by the creator of the affiliate product. Even with zero skills and zero knowledge about what to do with affiliate products there are endless numbers of people online who want to work with you and who provide free training about how to make money with affiliate products. Many people who create affiliate products also have this free training about how to be an affiliate and how to promote affiliate products effectively. Subscribe to their email lists for their trainings. By searching the name of the creator of the affiliate product on google you will easily find other products available from that creator. Search any type of product or category of product using the affiliate business model. Search related products to also now promote to your well targeted niche audiences. Affiliate products are available for any topic you might imagine. Affiliate product networks will list products in categories and subjects for easy searching. Promoting your niche products along side popular related products puts you in the path of ready buyers already looking for your products.

Product funnels. Service funnels. Marketing funnels.

Create high end funnels that are advisory based. Wide up. Wide down.

Provide the advise, and/or JV (joint venture / partner) with other advisors.

How to create high end funnels: Bundle or group together lower end funnels.

Do NOT create endless low end funnels.

The high end funnels should be must be congruent toward your overall
purpose, mission, message, dreams, goals, plans.

What is one of the best resources for Affiliate Products & reviews: Warrior Forum

What are best ways to promote the affiliate products you create: Evergreen Marketing Sequences + Affiliate Networks + JV Partnering.

Use already established affiliate networks and JV your products with complimentary products of other people to automate.

What are some of the best affiliate networks: | | Commission Junction
Warrior Forum | Associates

ClickBank VP of Sales & Business Development

How to Create Your Own Product | Russell Brunson

Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs

Viral PDF Report System

Viral Marketing

Viral Friend Dominator | Safe Lists | List Builder

Autoresponders   Recommended
  Up to 5,000 Contacts. (Free)
  Send up to 15,000 Emails a Month. (Free)

PLR Products

Introduction to List Building


Make Quick Cash Online with
The Place for People to Share Things They Are Willing to Do For $5.00

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Instant Pay

Most affiliate programs pay weekly or monthly. is INSTANT PAY. is INSTANT PAY.

Affiliate products and services are set up to get you paid.

Get PAID DAILY with same day pay Affiliate Networks.

Affiliate products give you highly specialized highly niched information, tools and resource access not otherwise available elsewhere. Affiliate products are most often created to include some form of electronic format for easy distribution - a daily video or webinar series - a series of articles over a 30 day time period. Affilite products are created about everything and anything.

Create your own affiliate products and get paid more.

eCovers      Search | eCovers

Niches related to popular niches can be found from related keywords. Related niches will have less competing products. You can create for yourself many niches to call your own from the focus point of a popular article or niche. Readers of a popular article will want to know as well all its niches. It is these related niches - in the path of popular niches - if you focus upon that will give you products to call your own. Being known for niches of popular themes that no one else focuses upon can provide automated income if no one else is as focused on those niches. Inviting then the experts of the popular theme to your niches to speak for your niches in video, in articles, provides your complete product, now popular of itself.

The more articles written or outsourced to others, the more minisites or squeeze pages or product funnels - or programs - you control and direct traffic for. The more you are developing niches or adding related niches creates that many more automated income streams for you to receive. A focus to find other people to do that work for you will get you the results of that automation. A focus to have other people find those other people furthers that automation. The small amounts of time add up. Spending an hour or two each day or each week focused to set up a new product funnel or developing one you created last week will slowly increase your income. Product funnels are as simple as an article to a sales page or as complex as entire story boards. Product funnels made part of your story board and your PURPOSE brands your automation for long term benefit. Evergreen Product Funnels. A product or service sold once is one time money. A product or service put inside a product funnel and part of an overall purpose strategy is automated money. It is the same interests, products and services you may already be providing and involved with that once put into product funnels - will automate and monetize everything you are already doing. Start right from the top for even faster results by working with experts who already have fully set up product funnels, blogs, content, JV systems, and partnerships with other expert networks. Product funnels add value and benefits only you might provide - and work automatically without all that extra repeated work at each go once set up.

Start with LISTS

Start Today. With making lists. With just the simple singular step of making lists of what topics you first need, must, want to laser focus upon. Or mapping out your product funnel or what other experts you might like to invite to help you with creating a product funnel. Make Lists of What You Need To Do. These are your Systems. Outsource or Crowdsource Your Tasks and your List Making To Automate. Once you have created lists of what topics you want to, need to, would like to work with as a start point toward your goals, plans, purpose, mission, message - - develop a roadmap for what you will be doing with the topic that is unique, innovative. Your USP - - unique selling proposition.

How to make lists: Brainstorm first. List everything. Group the brainstorm list into categories / topics / systems or any grouping type. Grade each item as A, B, C in importance. Prioritize each item within each grade level as 1 most important to 10 least important. Grade A will be prioritized 1 thru 10. Grade B will be prioritized as 1 thru 10. Are you able to focus upon only the top items of just your A and B grade lists. Separate items which you must do and which items must be delegated. For each item or list - Who are the experts and advisors to ask how each relates into an overall strategy - coaches, advisors. Delegate the lists.


Items for all lists that are each part of a plan should be congruent to an overall strategy. Items on your lists must be not only necessary but with congruent purpose otherwise they are random. If seemingly random items are toward a congruent purpose or plan - - they are then not random. If steps are completed at random but they are toward a congruent purpose, strategy, plan - - the order is important - - but congruency is key to see the strategy. Strategy is what steps to take to accomplish the plan. Strategy is a plan, course, principle of action - - designed to achieve an overall intention, objective, goal, purpose, dream, result. Congruency helps you see what steps to take toward the overall picture. Random steps is not a strategic plan. Random steps that fit into a congruent strategy is a plan because the steps though random still move you toward the congruent purpose, mission, message. If everything you do seems to be at random - - the key to realize is to put everything into an overall congruent strategy. And then everything you do - - no matter how random - - will move you toward your overall congruent purpose, mission, message, goals, plans, dreams. The intention of having an overall congruent strategy is key. Everything you do - - ask yourself - - does this fit into my overall congruent strategy - - to know whether it is something you should be spending time with. If something is not something you want to do but it is a necessary part of your congruent strategy - - delegate it - - or work with someone to be a manager or coordinator of things you need delegated. Find someone who will find people for you. Is every 10 minutes of your day planned months in advance even if it is leisure time and friends and family time. A circular route that will still get you there versus a direct focused route. Items not congruent make you busy but not efficiently productive toward a purpose. Only certain experts, coaches, mentors, teachers, advisors properly understand the concept of congruency. Seek these experts who properly know about congruency. Some congruency experts are featured on this page. You do not want to spend years on correct strategies but that are not also congruent to an overall purpose, mission, message. The congruent strategy model enables you to see what decisions best fit the overall plan. Watch videos about congruent strategy. Seek congruency master experts to learn their principles and their knowledge. The ideal is personal coaching from master congruency experts otherwise you fit things only into what is your idea of what is possible. Example: You launch five businesses that seem unrelated but they are congruently mission critical parts of an overall plan. Example: Your one year plan should be congruent with your five year plan or 10 year plan. Is your congruent strategy also part of a congruent brand.

Tactical. Strategic. Perspective.

Is the advise you give tactical, or strategic or does it control perspective.
Control the perspective. Create your own economy.

Marketable. Sellable. Automatable.

Is what you do marketing or is it marketable. Is what you do selling
or is it sellable. Marketing and selling is linear. Marketable
and sellable are exponential and scaleable.

Create teams to scale your tasks to hundreds of people. If you are always focused to scale your tasks to that number of people you will always have results toward those numbers.

Document Once to AUTOMATE

Create Systems To Everything You Do. Then Delegate. Be a Master of Delegation.

A process written or documented in any media format and given to one person is as easily given to many. An email sent to one person is as easily sent to hundreds automatically using an autoresponder. Is your training documented - standard operating procedures - best practices - for consistency and quality. Do you have a business that provides a platform for other experts in your industry and related industries and complementary industries. An autoresponder can be pre-loaded with a series or sequence of articles toward actions. Every task you do - that you can make into a system that can be easily duplicated by others - should be put into a system. The more tasks you put into systems is the more you will be automated.

Are your automated systems then also automatable. An automated process does not then also make it an automatable process. You will need to document your tasks so that your tasks may be given to other people and easily followed along by other people. Only when an automated process can be packaged and given to other people is it then also an automatable process. Where possible make systems both automated and automatable. An automatable process is a scaleable business. Franchises. Licences. Royalties. Monitization of processes. Monitization of systems.

For whatever you are doing - there are steps that need to be completed - these steps are tasks - document all steps so that the same steps can be run through again and again - by other people - without deviation (deviation documentation and reporting) - without change. Accuracy. Once documented - your tasks are now systems. A process step within a system - that is a dynamic step - that includes all possible changes and innovation is still a fixed step without change - within that system. It does not change from being a dynamic step. Document once and be automated for that task from then on. First know the what you want to do then do the how. To find out how to do something you must first decide what is your focus and purpose. Write out the steps of every process. Make lists of everything involved. Lists lead to real world products, services and interests. From the lists - of everything - the steps and systems can be then developed with focus, strategy and momentum - toward your purpose.

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